A semla, vastlakukkel, laskiaispulla or fastlagsbulle/fastelavnsbolle is a traditional sweet roll made in various forms in Sweden,[1] Finland, Estonia, Norway, Denmark, the Faroe Islands, Iceland, Latvia, and Lithuania associated with Lent and especially Shrove Tuesday in most countries, Shrove Monday in Denmark, parts of southern Sweden and Iceland or Sunday of Fastelavn in Norway. In Sweden it is most commonly known as just semla (plural: semlor), but is also known as fettisdagsbulle (fat tuesday roll). In the southern parts of Sweden, as well as in Swedish-speaking Finland, it is known as fastlagsbulle (plural: fastlagsbullar). In Norway and Denmark it is called fastelavnsbolle. In Iceland, it’s known as a bolla and served on Bolludagur. Semla served in a bowl of hot milk is hetvägg.

NOTE! SEMLA we make from January to 1 of March every year and don’t have them rest of the year, if you like to order Min. 10 pcs with 1-2 days notes we can make them for you.