DANBO CHEESE 45+ 350gr (Ch)




Danbo (also known as “King Christian”) is a matured, semi-soft, aged Danish cheese made from cow’s milk. A smear-ripened and washed-rind cheese, it’s one of Denmark’s most popular cheeses. is ivory-colored to light yellow with a soft and slightly springy texture. The elasticity and firmness of the cheese allows for easy cutting. It has small, round eyes about 10 mm in diameter that may be less prominent in variants where flavors are used.

The smell of Danbo is mild, slightly acidic, and aromatic due to smear ripening. As the cheese ages, the smell and taste become better defined. Its unique taste and texture is achieved after maturing it for 3-4 weeks.

It is a rectangular cheese with smooth, dry, yellow rind and sometimes is covered in red wax.

350 gr – 45.00 AED

1000 gr – 129.00 AED