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What does semla mean?
A semla, vastlakukkel, laskiaispulla or fastlagsbulle/fastelavnsbolle is a traditional sweet roll of cardamom made in various forms in Sweden (filling with almond past and wiped cream), Finland (filling with Raspberry Jam and wiped cream), Estonia (filling with wiped cream with vanilla taste), Norway, Denmark (vanilla cream and wiped cream), the Faroe Islands and Iceland.
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Celebrate BIRTHDAY’S with a tasty cake. Here are good SCANDINAVIAN CAKE for great CELEBRATION Day’s cakes that are sure to make YOU happy!


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We invite you to SMORREBROD BRUNCH from 12 to late every Friday and Saturday for DINE IN or AT YOUR HOME with Free Delivery. Choose 5 SMØRREBRØD from our menu (incl. 1 Shrimps or Skagen, No King Size). for only 139 AED / person.

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Taste of scandinavia

We stock a lot of classic Scandinavian goodies to help cure your homesickness.

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Want something to drink with that?

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See our menu!

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