Summer Menu 2021



Lettuce mixed with, shrimps, smoked salmon, grapes, cucumber and cherry tomato’s served with Balsamic & Raspberry Dressing and garlic bread                        55 AED

SMØRREBRØD “The Royal King Shrimps Salad” healthy, fresh salad with Scandinavian hand peeled shrimps, lettuce, sweet corn, cherry tomatoes, carrots, cucumber, boiled egg and red onion. Served with your choose of dressing.                                                                             55 AED

SMØRREBRØD “Chicken and Grilled Haloumi cheese” Spiced pear, mixed lettuce leaves and spinach, toasted pine nuts served with garlic & honey dressing.                                          55 AED


SMØRREBRØD Lunch Box Choose 2 SMØRREBRØD and drinks                         89 AED

SMØRREBRØD Brunch Dine In All you can eat                       119 AED SMØRREBRØD Brunch @home Choose 5 SMØRREBRØD                       139 AED


SMØRREBRØD Summer Plate                         60 AED

Served with Herring to your choose matje, curry, onion or spiced

Dill Potato’s, Sour Cream, Chives, Red onion, Egg & Roe served with crispy bread & butter                       Breaded Plaice (Rödspätta)                                                   55 AED

Served with potato’s, to your choose (press, boiled, mash, sautéed or fried) and lemon sauce Smoked Salmon served with Dill sautéed potatoes and lemon wedges.                            55 AED

Mom’s Fish Gratin in dill and shrimps backed in Owen .                                                  55 AED

SMØRREBRØD Roast beef Served with homemade potato salad and roasted onion       55 AED

Scandinavian Hash “Pytt I Pannawith fried beef, fried potatoes served with home made marinated beetroot and toped with fried egg.                        45 AED

Homemade Swedish meatballs with cream sauce, lingon berries served with mashed potatoes.                                                                                                                                 45 AED

Homemade Cabbage Rolls (Kåldolmar) with cream sauce, lingon berries served with mashed potatoes.                       45 AED

Scandinavian Gourmet Pizza

Swedish KEBAB Pizza served with KEBAB dressing and Pizza salad                       65 AED