Mills Smoked Cod Roe 185gr


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When you open a tube mill’s caviar, it’s the end of a long journey that started deep down in the cold waters outside of northern Norway one year earlier.

Stored in 0 – 4 celsius. Can be stored in roomtemperature in shorter periodes when unopened.

Lightly smoked and sugary salt from 45 ° C, rapeseed oil, sugar, water, potato flakes, preservative (sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate), vinegar, dye (karmin, beta-apo-8`-carotenal)
Allergists can respond to: cod

Nutritional content per 100g / ml
1800 kJ / 430 kcal
Fat 39 g
– saturated fatty acids 3 g
– unsaturated fatty acids 24 g
– polyunsaturated fatty acids 11 g
carbohydrates 13 g
– sugars 12 g
protein 8 g
Salt 5.50 g