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Sea & Fish
The Royal King Queen Shrimps “80 gr Hand peeled Shrimps Prawns with rye bread, egg, mayonnaise, dill & lemon”
Skagen “Hand peeled Royal Shrimps with rye bread, dill mayonnaise & lemon”
Stockholm “GravLax with rye bread & headwaiter sauce topped with dill and lemon”
Oslo “Smoked Salmon with rye bread & creamy mustard sauce”
Göteborg “Crispy home fried fish fillet, homemade Danish remoulade, capers & leek”
Helsinki “Sea Wallenbergare, homemade Danish remoulade, capers & leek”
Skipper “Herring file to your Choose: Onion, Curry or Spiced served on egg , mayo with red onion”
Ålborg “Danish chicken salad with rye bread served with roasted bacon”
Copenhagen “Marinated Roast beef with rye bread, potato salad with leek, capris & roasted onion”
Malmö “Swedish Meatballs with rye bread served with beetroot salad & roasted onion” 264Kcal
Vegetarian & Vegan
Cheese “Brie Cheese with ray bread, fig jam, grapes and parsley”
Middle East “Homemade Falafel, pickles and tomatoes with tahini dressing”
Swedish Princess Cake