FIKA Coffee 250gr Beans


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Our FIKA coffee is Brazilians coffee beans roasted the Scandinavian way.
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We roast our coffees manually on a hand-built drum roaster. Every coffee has its individual roast profile and on the cupping table, we decide if we’ve done the coffee justice. A set profile is re-checked every batch through sensory evaluation to maintain the expected profile.


Flavour: Roasted Almonds, Fudge, Caramel & Baking Spices لوز محمص ، فودج ، كراميل و بهارات نكهة
Roast: Medium متوسط منال:
Process: Natural طبيعي >> صفة معالجة:
Region: Maringa, Parana مارينجا ، بارانا منطقة:
Altitude: 800 – 1300 m 800 – 1300 م ارتفاع:

Net Weight: 250 gr