We offer a prepackaged, almost ready-made Easter Dinner bag with a three-course menu. You get as good a dinner as good we serve in the restaurant. The Easter bag is filled with starter, main course and dessert. You can choose between meat or fish as a main course. Instructions for completing the dishes, if necessary, will be provided when you pick up or with delivery.

Appetizers are included free of charge!



Fry the canapé in butter and a little cooking oil just before serving top with the seafood salad serve with the salad and other garnishes from the box.

Main course

Heat the potato gratin and steak in the oven at 150°C for about 30 minutes. Place the vegetables in the oven after about 20 minutes. And to heat the sauce in a saucepan. Put the vegetables in the middle of the plate, put the meat on the vegetables, pour on the warm sauce over the meat,


Lay up on your own crockery



Collage of Canapé on Sourdough bread!

GravLax / Smoked Salmon / Skagen


Vitlöksspäckad lammstek med potatisgratäng, rostade grönsaker och rödvinskokt rödlök

Garlic-packed lamb roast with potato gratin and  Roasted Vegetable served with red-viscose red onion


Grillad Lax serverad med Dill Stuvad potatis och Citron klyftor

Grilled Salmon served with Dill sautéed potatoes and lemon wedges


Finish the Easter Dinner with an extra luxurious dessert, how about Lingo berry – parfait

topped with cake crumbs and mini-merenguing?