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With her irresistibly creamy nougat between brittle biscuits, Ballerina danced into our hearts back in 1963. Since then, Sweden’s most beloved cake has been joined by both yummy limited editions and cute little flavor fireworks that are here to stay – all to continue to create that feeling. You know which one we mean, huh? When you take a mouthful and it really tingles in your cheeks because it’s so furiously good. More! One more please! Luc That’s the feeling we live to create. After all, it’s just, absolutely wonderful.

Ballerina is Sweden’s most beloved cake and Göteborgs Kex’s most popular brand. The round original has been around since 1963. Irresistible cakes with brittle biscuits and smooth nougat cream. Now with 25% more filling for even tastier flavor. Given cookies for coffee, party or excursion! Ballerina’s products are baked without palm oil.

Ingredients: WHEAT FLOUR/HVEDEMEL, nougat filling 35% (sugar, fully cured coconut fat, whey powder/gruel powder from MILK/MÆLK, HAZELNUTS/HASSELNØDDER 10%, fat-reduced cocoa powder¹, emulsifier (sunflower lecithin), aroma), sugar, sunflower oil/solsikkeolie, fat-reduced cocoa powder¹, baking soda/hævemiddel (sodium bicarbonate, antler salt E503), invert sugar, salt, emulsifier (sunflower lecithin), aroma (vanillin), barley malt/BYGMALT. ¹Rainforest Alliance Certified. For more info see