New Years Menu


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Start the New Year’s buffet with a luxurious toast with skagen, an impressive and classic starter for New Year’s Eve. Our toast is made from tasty sourdough bread.

Delivery separate so just put on the plate


Roasted fillet of beef topped with gremolata and lovely vegetable symphony on romanesco, asparagus and yellow tomatoes are lovely flavors to the New Year’s menu. Served with small mini gratins on potatoes and Jerusalem artichoke.

Delivery separate so you just put in to Owen 20 min to warm up


Finish the New Year’s dinner with an extra luxurious dessert, how about vanilla mousse topped with raspberry sauce, cake crumbs and mini-meringering?

Add the topping and serve

Happy New Year!!

Price: 245 AED / person / min. 2 person

Out of stock



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